Empowerment Media was created in 2001 to look into the face of our culture and create powerful and important messages to make a difference through media. As a powerful not-for-profit production company, we’ve told inspiring stories to teens and young adults through reality shows, shared important stories and messages to families through movies, and now are telling stories through life changing documentaries about science and technology, educational reform, and juvenile justice (and injustice).

John & Susan

John and Susan are co-creators, producers and directors of TV shows, movies and documentaries. They have created, produced and directed over 100 episodes of four network quality adventure reality television series developed to empower teens and young adults. These dynamic shows were syndicated nationally in all major markets and seen on Amazon Prime.

Most recently, the Laurences have created and produced their first video curriculum entitled the TWO@ATIME PROJECT. It will soon be seen internationally as a television series and used as a curriculum by youth organizations across the U.S.

Susan and John were also members of the small team of creators that developed the Family Movie Night franchise that included nine movies seen by over 40 million people on NBC and FOX. In this effort they worked alongside Walmart and Procter & Gamble as producers and creatives.

Empowerment Media is the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation they founded in 2001 to create programming that empowers and inspires teens, young adults, and families with entertainment based on Christian values. Empowerment Media owns the four shows which include Ultimate Choice, Real Girls Real Life, Dream Quest and the Two@aTime Project.

John and Susan’s next goal is to take Empowerment Media into its next big adventure! It is estimated that by 2025 up to half of all people under the age of 35 will be only watching their entertainment on Youtube. Empowerment Media has set its sights on being a power player on Youtube with adventure driven entertainment aimed to inspire teens and young adults with Christian morals and values.