Reality Shows

Empowerment Media is expert in chasing great adventures.  We have created, developed, produced, directed, and distributed adventure reality shows that have been seen around the world.  Reality show production keeps our crews nimble and on the move as we are constantly chasing the next amazing action.


DREAM QUEST is an adventure reality series that pits eight talented but unfocused and struggling young adults against each other in a competition of mind, body, and spirit.  The competition rewards the winner with a chance to live out their unrealized dream.  Hosted by Sean Yost and Courtenay Bowser.


Empowerment Media has also created two other reality show that have been syndicated around the U.S. and seen around the world.

ULTIMATE CHOICE takes teenagers on the ride of their lives combining adventure with conversation about the most important issues facing young people.

REAL GIRLS REAL LIFE is the female oriented version of ULTIMATE CHOICE helping young women face the most critical issues they face in society today.