Empowerment Media is passionate about helping young people discover their place in the world through entertaining yet thought-provoking resources that engage them in creative ways. We strive to help them see the value in others, especially those that are different than them; discover more about themselves; and then apply their learnings to their relationships - in their friend groups, schools, families and communities. Our curricula prioritizes communication and leadership, helping young people to be empowered to communicate effectively, even in tough situations. By doing so they build confidence in themselves and begin to see that their voices matter as change agents in the world around them.


The Two@aTime Project is a cutting-edge and innovative program built around a powerful video series that looks and feels like a reality show. The diverse cast features young people of all skin colors, backgrounds and experiences, all with one desire…to come together to have face-to-face Two@aTime conversations about the most relevant issues of the day. Empowerment Media has create a dynamic, one-of-a-kind curriculum that is perfectly matched for young people today.

Two@aTime Project
Two@aTime Project

Two@aTime is the most relevant and powerful video curriculum out there.

The Two@aTime video curriculum initiated significant conversations between our young people. It allowed them to work through tough topics in a meaningful way.